Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fuzzibunz it is!

So after trying out a lot of diff. brands of diapers (still have 2 more on the way), we bought a big pack of Fuzzibunz. I still have a Nifty Nappy and a Kawaii on the way but I knew I wanted to buy a bulk package that comes with everything I need so the majority of our stash will be Fuzzibunz. I love Fuzzibunz! They are SUPER soft and very absorbent. They fit Nathan great because there are 3 ways to adjust it (which works perfect for his tiny waist and chunky thighs) and they are still pretty trim. I would have loved to get half Rumparooz and half Fuzzibunz but they didn't make a bulk package where I could get everything (wipes,sprayer, wet bag, etc.). I love Rumparooz too but they are slightly more expensive and we were trying to still stay within a reasonable budget. (Which we already went over lol) So I guess I'll build up a stash of those slowly.

Very disappointed w/the Bumgenius. I thought I was going to love them. At first glance, I thought I did. Then opening them and looking at everything; well Rumparooz is just so much better. (It looks like Bumgenius tried to copy a lot of what Rumparooz has), but I don't know which came out first so I could be wrong. And then the packaging says that I have to wash these SIX times SEPARATELY to reach max absorbency and b/c it's a dark color. Now that's a joke. Screw getting more of those, it's too much of a hassle. So I'm happy with our decision, now time to get some Baby Legs lol. I never thought I would get so excited about freaking diapers lol. I soo have no life anymore! haha. 

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